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Akron, Summit Co., Ohio: Wade Prater Genealogy Online
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Akron, Summit Co., Ohio


Latitude: 41.0814447, Longitude: -81.5190053


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ADRION, Katherine R.  27 Sep 1895Akron, Summit Co., Ohio I29082
2 ASHURST, Barbara Anne  5 Oct 1947Akron, Summit Co., Ohio I5183
3 BEAIRD, Arthur Harold  12 Mar 1926Akron, Summit Co., Ohio I17001
4 BICKEL, Albert Lafayette  4 Nov 1885Akron, Summit Co., Ohio I29087
5 BOWERS, Mabel Edna  3 Jan 1881Akron, Summit Co., Ohio I28724
6 BROMFIELD, Alice J.  18 Dec 1874Akron, Summit Co., Ohio I34195
7 CAMERON, Donna Marie  24 Jul 1930Akron, Summit Co., Ohio I40056
8 DAVIS, Robert C.  11 Feb 1924Akron, Summit Co., Ohio I33955
9 DISSINGER, Norma Jean  30 May 1923Akron, Summit Co., Ohio I44872
10 EGGLESTON, Janet Ruth  9 Oct 1938Akron, Summit Co., Ohio I32750
11 ELLERY, Emmett C.  28 Jun 1891Akron, Summit Co., Ohio I45845
12 EWALD, Robert Eldon  17 Mar 1914Akron, Summit Co., Ohio I46149
13 FALOR, Claude Emerson  23 Dec 1856Akron, Summit Co., Ohio I33890
14 GRABLE, Edna Odella  29 Dec 1898Akron, Summit Co., Ohio I29134
15 HALLIWILL, Marion  21 Jan 1903Akron, Summit Co., Ohio I33992
16 HAMLIN, Ralph S.  23 Apr 1868Akron, Summit Co., Ohio I28922
17 HARING, Diana Lynn  4 May 1952Akron, Summit Co., Ohio I29091
18 HARING, Eleanor C.  7 Jun 1915Akron, Summit Co., Ohio I28596
19 HARING, Stanley Alvin  30 Apr 1914Akron, Summit Co., Ohio I28595
20 HARING, William Michael  27 Nov 1954Akron, Summit Co., Ohio I53701
21 HOWERBUSH, Harry John  20 Jun 1915Akron, Summit Co., Ohio I20352
22 JENKINS, Wilbur McGuire  15 Dec 1896Akron, Summit Co., Ohio I27025
23 LANDIS, Mary Geraldine  5 Dec 1912Akron, Summit Co., Ohio I39895
24 LOEHR, Fern Alberta  20 May 1912Akron, Summit Co., Ohio I28725
25 MAYFIELD, Evelyn Irene  20 Sep 1931Akron, Summit Co., Ohio I20348
26 MAYFIELD, John Ivan “Jack” Jr.  29 Sep 1929Akron, Summit Co., Ohio I20347
27 NAGY, Elizabeth Helen  19 Dec 1919Akron, Summit Co., Ohio I29054
28 REIGHARD, Clyde Raymond  20 Nov 1914Akron, Summit Co., Ohio I29256
29 SARGENT, Frances Colleen  27 Dec 1935Akron, Summit Co., Ohio I43899
30 SCHOTT, Louis John  6 Feb 1886Akron, Summit Co., Ohio I29076
31 SEESDORF, Boyd A.  27 Jun 1900Akron, Summit Co., Ohio I29061
32 SEESDORF, Orvin W.  2 May 1895Akron, Summit Co., Ohio I29060
33 SEESDORF, Paul R.  20 Jun 1903Akron, Summit Co., Ohio I29062
34 SMITH, William Todd  20 Feb 1923Akron, Summit Co., Ohio I11375
35 SORRICK, Howard Henry  3 Mar 1892Akron, Summit Co., Ohio I44870
36 STARK, Harriet Marie  16 Sep 1916Akron, Summit Co., Ohio I28597
37 STUMP, Iscah Laree  6 Aug 1903Akron, Summit Co., Ohio I29157
38 SWIGART, Elizabeth A. “Lizzie”  15 Jan 1878Akron, Summit Co., Ohio I34183
39 TRAGLER, Jeanne A.  21 Feb 1927Akron, Summit Co., Ohio I47509
40 TUMLIN, Yvonne Elizabeth  10 Aug 1942Akron, Summit Co., Ohio I29294
41 WAGONER, Edna Lucille  21 Oct 1908Akron, Summit Co., Ohio I29274
42 WAGONER, Howard E.  3 Nov 1900Akron, Summit Co., Ohio I29271
43 WAGONER, infant  Abt 1902Akron, Summit Co., Ohio I29272
44 WAGONER, Infant  Abt 1912Akron, Summit Co., Ohio I29275
45 WAGONER, Myrtle Irene  19 Jun 1905Akron, Summit Co., Ohio I29273
46 WAGONER, Ralph C.  2 Oct 1910Akron, Summit Co., Ohio I38581
47 WAGONER, Raymond Walter  7 Mar 1899Akron, Summit Co., Ohio I29270
48 WRAY, Alfred S.  12 Aug 1913Akron, Summit Co., Ohio I33957


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ADRION, Katherine R.  11 Apr 1986Akron, Summit Co., Ohio I29082
2 BAKER, Henrietta E.  17 Aug 1946Akron, Summit Co., Ohio I28589
3 BEAIRD, Helen Hilda  13 Dec 1990Akron, Summit Co., Ohio I17000
4 BEAIRD, Irene Maybell  14 Jul 1982Akron, Summit Co., Ohio I16998
5 BETTLER, Charles Homer  19 May 1944Akron, Summit Co., Ohio I28675
6 BETTLER, Claude Ellis  12 Dec 1975Akron, Summit Co., Ohio I28681
7 BETTLER, Della M.  12 Aug 1961Akron, Summit Co., Ohio I28677
8 BETTLER, Herbert H.  13 Mar 1954Akron, Summit Co., Ohio I28679
9 BETTLER, Lewis E.  14 May 1958Akron, Summit Co., Ohio I28676
10 BICKEL, Albert Lafayette  23 Nov 1954Akron, Summit Co., Ohio I29087
11 BOWERS, Mabel Edna  27 Mar 1934Akron, Summit Co., Ohio I28724
12 BRAUCHER, Edna May  17 Feb 1950Akron, Summit Co., Ohio I28966
13 BRAUCHER, Sara Jane Lucille  14 Jan 1942Akron, Summit Co., Ohio I33892
14 BROMFIELD, Alice J.  1 Apr 1907Akron, Summit Co., Ohio I34195
15 CHASE, Pearl Mabel  20 Feb 1954Akron, Summit Co., Ohio I28594
16 CULLOM, James Washington  11 Jul 1968Akron, Summit Co., Ohio I53586
17 DAILY, Allen G.  1 Jan 1950Akron, Summit Co., Ohio I33830
18 DAILY, Fannie S.  18 Apr 1940Akron, Summit Co., Ohio I33831
19 DISSINGER, Lillie C.  17 Jun 1942Akron, Summit Co., Ohio I44883
20 FOUST, Mary Elizabeth  3 Jan 1925Akron, Summit Co., Ohio I28559
21 GRABLE, Edna Odella  6 Jun 1963Akron, Summit Co., Ohio I29134
22 HAGELBARGER, Squire B.  29 Dec 1942Akron, Summit Co., Ohio I33983
23 HAMLIN, Ralph S.  21 Mar 1922Akron, Summit Co., Ohio I28922
24 HARING, Catharine “Cassie”  27 Jun 1951Akron, Summit Co., Ohio I28572
25 HARING, Clara Elizabeth  3 Jul 1932Akron, Summit Co., Ohio I28574
26 HARING, Diana Lynn  8 May 1952Akron, Summit Co., Ohio I29091
27 HARING, Ida C.  3 Mar 1941Akron, Summit Co., Ohio I28568
28 HARING, Leah  25 Sep 1925Akron, Summit Co., Ohio I28434
29 HARING, Lewis A.  7 Jun 1906Akron, Summit Co., Ohio I28437
30 HARING, Lloyd Allen  5 May 1963Akron, Summit Co., Ohio I28591
31 HARING, Lucinda C.  25 Dec 1931Akron, Summit Co., Ohio I28463
32 HARING, Minnie M.  28 Jul 1912Akron, Summit Co., Ohio I28567
33 HARING, Ophir Floyd  9 Jul 1966Akron, Summit Co., Ohio I28397
34 HARING, Parvin  4 Feb 1937Akron, Summit Co., Ohio I28564
35 HARING, William J.  21 Nov 1940Akron, Summit Co., Ohio I28571
36 HARING, William Paul “Bill”  23 Feb 1973Akron, Summit Co., Ohio I29084
37 HIDDLESON, Isaac W.  20 Dec 1907Akron, Summit Co., Ohio I28941
38 HOLLER, Sarah Ann  5 May 1934Akron, Summit Co., Ohio I33358
39 HOOVER, Edith May  11 Jul 1906Akron, Summit Co., Ohio I29267
40 HOWERBUSH, Harry John  30 Apr 2002Akron, Summit Co., Ohio I20352
41 KEENER, William Carl  11 Jan 1973Akron, Summit Co., Ohio I46190
42 KEPLER, Aaron  13 Feb 1948Akron, Summit Co., Ohio I29260
43 KEPLER, Blanche Irene  30 Apr 1965Akron, Summit Co., Ohio I29265
44 KEPLER, Frances Hattie  15 Dec 1976Akron, Summit Co., Ohio I29266
45 KERSTETTER, Charles O.  27 Oct 1927Akron, Summit Co., Ohio I28631
46 KERSTETTER, Ida Jane  11 Apr 1926Akron, Summit Co., Ohio I28628
47 KERSTETTER, Olive Clara  24 Apr 1935Akron, Summit Co., Ohio I28632
48 KOONSE, Susannah  7 Jan 1900Akron, Summit Co., Ohio I28686
49 LOEHR, Harley Foltz  30 Jul 1941Akron, Summit Co., Ohio I28719
50 MARSH, Lucretia M.  1 Sep 1924Akron, Summit Co., Ohio I28534

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Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BARTLETT / STAYER  12 Mar 1941Akron, Summit Co., Ohio F20332
2 GRUBAUGH / LOEHR  19 Dec 1931Akron, Summit Co., Ohio F20159
3 KERSTETTER / BROMFIELD  25 Jul 1905Akron, Summit Co., Ohio F20126
4 KIBBLE / LOEHR  20 Jul 1946Akron, Summit Co., Ohio F30838
5 LOEHR / CLOSE  25 Apr 1937Akron, Summit Co., Ohio F23532


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family    Divorced    Family ID 
1 GRUBAUGH / LOEHR  8 Dec 1942Akron, Summit Co., Ohio F20159
2 TROSLER / SMITH  7 Jul 1885Akron, Summit Co., Ohio F38529