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Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia


Latitude: 33.7489954, Longitude: -84.3879824


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BOYNTON, Halbert Bowie  28 Nov 1911Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia I20856
2 CARTER, Walter Afton  19 Aug 1890Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia I16331
3 COLLIER, Eunice Bothwell  19 Oct 1903Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia I19859
4 DANIEL, Charles Bryan  21 Nov 1900Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia I16335
5 DANIEL, Corrie Jane  12 Aug 1926Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia I19858
6 DANIEL, Leonidas Clayton  13 Aug 1897Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia I16334
7 DANIEL, Susan Rawson  7 Aug 1931Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia I45912
8 DANIEL, William R.  3 Jul 1942Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia I45932
9 DEAN, John Wesley  4 Jan 1862Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia I54966
10 DEAN, Mildred Louise  10 Jul 1913Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia I57861
11 DEAN, Reuben Wesley  10 Mar 1894Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia I57875
12 FOLLIN, Mary Jane  30 Dec 1928Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia I17749
13 FOSTER, Audrey  31 Aug 1920Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia I17757
14 GLAZE, Huie Dorsey  18 Aug 1916Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia I34226
15 GUTHAS, Mary Frances  5 Jun 1931Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia I45609
16 LATHAN, Samuel Preston Jr.  29 Oct 1895Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia I13258
17 LINCH, Corrie May  20 Jan 1875Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia I16190
18 LINCH, Earnest W.  2 Jul 1879Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia I16194
19 LINCH, Earnest W. Jr.  8 May 1916Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia I16340
20 LINCH, Edna May  1 Feb 1909Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia I16338
21 LINCH, Emmett Manson  2 Sep 1881Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia I16195
22 LINCH, Evelyn  29 Oct 1911Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia I16339
23 LINCH, Infant male  27 Feb 1920Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia I45616
24 LINCH, Margie Mae  12 Dec 1911Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia I16345
25 LINCH, Patrick Leon  2 Sep 1917Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia I16347
26 LINCH, Pearl Betsy  8 Mar 1906Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia I16337
27 LINCH, Perry Buice  13 Nov 1884Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia I16196
28 LINCH, Perry Buice Jr.  12 Feb 1913Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia I21557
29 LINCH, Ralph Eugene  14 Jun 1915Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia I16346
30 LINCH, Thelma Louise  1 Apr 1909Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia I16344
31 LINCH, Walter Bartery  8 Jul 1914Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia I45615
32 LINCH, Walter Bartley  20 May 1877Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia I16193
33 LINCH, Willie  Abt 1874Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia I16192
34 LYNCH, Clarerne Cytton  28 Oct 1873Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia I37701
35 LYNCH, Pearl Eugene  5 May 1870Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia I16189
36 LYNCH, Walter Eugene  31 Jan 1869Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia I37700
37 MAXWELL, Edward L. Jr.  Abt 1902Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia I11333
38 NELDON, Shirley  15 Apr 1931Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia I46723
39 NORRED, Shirley C.  25 Oct 1934Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia I45619
40 PHILLIPS, Thomas Grover Jr.  22 Sep 1916Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia I16093
41 SHIELDS, Arthur Sinclair  20 Nov 1921Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia I40971
42 SHIELDS, Dorothy Jean  16 Feb 1920Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia I40970
43 STANFORD, Eugene Thomas  22 Feb 1922Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia I40503
44 TERRELL, Jack Richard  26 Jan 1921Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia I11245
45 TERRELL, Virginia  23 Mar 1916Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia I11133
46 TERRELL, William Sanford Jr.  2 Apr 1897Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia I11240
47 TERRELL, William Sanford  7 Oct 1923Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia I4534
48 WHITTLE, Corrie Belle  29 Jul 1887Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia I16256
49 WHITTLE, Eugene Wilson  20 Aug 1878Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia I16252
50 WHITTLE, Harvey Moore  8 Apr 1877Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia I16251

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ARCHIBALD, Claud Bernard “Archie”  2 Apr 1963Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia I56615
2 BEASLEY, John Wesley  23 Apr 1942Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia I19837
3 BEATON, Kenneth Kane  8 Oct 2006Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia I37515
4 BRYAN, Catharine “Katie”  Jan 1891Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia I19265
5 BRYAN, Jasper Thomas  21 Jun 1932Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia I19260
6 BRYAN, William L.  24 Mar 1913Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia I17475
7 BUTTS, William Fred Chappell  5 Mar 1923Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia I17551
8 DANIEL, Leonidas Jones  18 Feb 1930Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia I16333
9 DANIEL, William R.  3 Jul 1942Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia I45932
10 EPPERSON, Nancy Amazonia  23 May 1912Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia I10816
11 FOLLIN, Mary Jane  8 Feb 1929Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia I17749
12 FOSTER, Audrey  31 Aug 1920Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia I17757
13 GAINES, Jesse Oslin  18 May 1924Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia I7623
14 GOETCHIUS, Edward Albert  15 Jul 1954Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia I17743
15 GRIER, Oscar  8 Jul 2011Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia I11092
16 GUTHAS, Taft George  21 Jun 1946Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia I45608
17 HANKLA, Nancy B. “Nannie”  9 Sep 2005Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia I22669
18 HANKLA, Robert Hope  6 Oct 1995Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia I22847
19 HERLONG, Mary Estelle  6 Oct 1980Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia I16819
20 HOLSTON, Beatrice Elizabeth  11 Sep 1968Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia I17740
21 HOLSTON, Dorothy Lee  20 May 2006Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia I34508
22 JORDAN, Atta Lee  21 Jan 1965Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia I13451
23 JORDAN, John  29 Aug 1935Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia I11096
24 LINCH, Corrie May  7 Feb 1923Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia I16190
25 LINCH, Earnest W. Jr.  11 Jul 1929Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia I16340
26 LINCH, Earnest W.  30 May 1930Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia I16194
27 LINCH, Edna May  20 Jun 1994Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia I16338
28 LINCH, Evelyn  23 Sep 1995Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia I16339
29 LINCH, Infant male  28 Feb 1920Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia I45616
30 LINCH, Perry Buice Jr.  20 Dec 1914Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia I21557
31 LINCH, Willie  10 Aug 1880Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia I16192
32 LYNCH, Clarerne Cytton  28 Oct 1873Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia I37701
33 LYNCH, Elijah Jr.  9 Dec 1888Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia I15925
34 LYNCH, Hezekiah  2 Jan 1923Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia I16103
35 LYNCH, Jiles Chapman  5 Jun 1929Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia I16104
36 LYNCH, Walter Eugene  5 Jun 1869Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia I37700
37 MCKAY, Alva Burt  2 Jul 1943Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia I21341
38 MIDDLETON, Roberta  30 Aug 1979Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia I24364
39 MINICK, Mike Henry  16 Dec 1967Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia I16845
40 MITCHELL, Roy Wilson Jr.  19 Jul 2010Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia I48797
41 NELSON, Anna Esthalene  6 Mar 1994Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia I6084
42 OJA, Arlene Elaine  20 Feb 2009Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia I25835
43 PITTS, Margaret Elizabeth “Maggie”  6 Mar 1950Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia I15816
44 PRATER, Carel Alfonzo  12 Apr 1960Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia I15985
45 PRATER, Juanita  10 Feb 1929Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia I15856
46 PRATOR, Eulalie  23 Oct 1918Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia I15652
47 PRATOR, Simpson Vick  25 Aug 1982Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia I18628
48 RACKLEY, William Russell  23 Aug 1959Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia I44063
49 RHODEN, Beuna  26 Jun 1987Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia I34178
50 ROBERTSON, Sabrina “Briney”  13 Apr 1934Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia I11612

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Matches 1 to 21 of 21

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ARNOLD / HICKS  21 Nov 1892Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia F13205
2 BULLOCH / TERRELL  4 Jun 1921Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia F7664
3 CARTER / LYNCH  9 Oct 1889Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia F11369
4 DANIEL / LINCH  14 Aug 1894Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia F11370
5 DEAN / WALLACE  31 Mar 1889Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia F14535
6 FOLLIN / PRATER  21 Aug 1916Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia F11188
7 FOSTER / PRATER  31 Jul 1919Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia F11351
8 HARDEN / TATE  6 Dec 1936Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia F12263
9 HARRINGTON / PRATOR  7 Oct 1940Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia F11206
10 LAPOLT / WEST  17 Jul 1943Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia F22594
11 LINCH / BOATFIELD  26 Apr 1908Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia F11374
12 LINCH / HILL  26 Oct 1898Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia F11371
13 LINCH / MOORE  3 Nov 1907Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia F11373
14 LYNCH / HICKS  26 Jan 1868Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia F11304
15 LYNCH / HICKS  7 May 1873Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia F11305
16 MAXWELL / TERRELL  10 Jul 1900Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia F7675
17 NICHOLS / DOLES  1891Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia F21568
18 TERRELL / BELL  25 Jun 1896Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia F7666
19 TERRELL / FAULCONER  24 Oct 1917Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia F7875
20 WHITTLE / MOORE  10 May 1876Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia F11319
21 WILKINS / GAINES  20 Jun 1927Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia F5331